History of Milan

Milan is one of the best cities in the northern areas of Italy. The city formed long ago around 400 BC and has been growing ever since. The city became known from the moment the Insubres settled within it, however, it was renamed by the Romans around the 200’s BC. They renamed the city to Mediolanum. History of Milan does go back farther than the 400’s, as there are reports stating that a mysterious and fantastical animal that looked like a boar that had half hair of wool found the city itself, but the reports on this fact were not set in stone.

However, because of the major crops of wool in the area became its primary source of production, the city continued to grow and keep the name Milan until the Romans came to the area. After the Romans conquered the area, the area had multiple battles on whom the ruler was going to be. The three rulers who fought for the area were the following: Severus, Maxentius, and Constantine. Constantine, who was also known for ending the oppression versus the Christians, was the victor of the wars in 313 AD.

For a short while, there was less hostility, however, the wars raged again in the early fifth century. Attila the Hun overthrew the city in 452 AD, but then the Gothic war started with the Ostrogoths in 539 AD. Shortly after that was completed, a German tribe, known as the Lombards, overthrew any remaining army left in Milan in 569 AD. Again, Milan stood still for a short while, but this area was so infamous for war, that it was bound to happen again.

There was war with the Franks and Germans until the latter years of the eleventh century. Peace only came around 1183 when the Peace of Constance was established. Various rulers came and went throughout this time, but most of them followed the treaty, however, there was still damage done to the people of Milan for each war.

Milan has been known in history as an area of many wars. There were many famous people that tried, conquered as well as failed in Milan throughout history, but it was not until the post wars in the early nineteenth century when the war started to settle down again. During this time-frame, Milan was re-formed and modernized. During the 1980s, the city was famous for its fashion, thus making the city rise in tourism attractions. The city did not settle from there as it continued to grow into the early twenty-first century, as we know it today.

Since the last census was taken, there have been reports stating the city is growing and expanding, regardless of the long history of wars that took place. Milan is a fantastic place to visit today, as there are many structures that still stand from the Romans. In addition, there are many other artifacts that show the in-depth history of the city and all of the wars that took place. Nevertheless, Milan still stands today and has one of the harshest histories known to humans. Make sure to bring medicine for swollen feet, you’ll be walking a lot.